1. Protection against contamination or damage by micro-organisms, toxins and moisture – Products should be safeguarded against rough transport and tampering as well as ensuring that they meet any chemical, physical or biological needs.
2. Prevention of product leaking or spilling – Packages should be very tightly sealed and also made resilient to ensure the product remains uncompromised at all stages of distribution until opened by the consumer.
3. Product Labelling & Identification – Nutrition, sell-by dates and ingredients are important not only for the consumer but for grocery stores as well. Barcodes can help stores to track inventory and sales.
4. Marketing of products to consumers – The integrity of your product is very important, however, marketing is just as important. Along with containing and protecting the item, the packaging should speak to a buyer and ultimately lead to a sale. Because packaging plays such a big role in the marketability and preservation of a product, many companies look for a contract packaging service in order to help them obtain the very best quality packaging available. Benefits to a co-manufacturer will include speed, cost, quality and innovation.
5. Cost – Capital costs of the facilities and equipment can be enormous. Through the utilization of a contract packaging service, the start up costs are greatly reduced while labour and energy costs are kept low.
6. Speed – Co-packaging services may also reduce lead time in getting a product to market and can ensure enough time is allowed for validation and quality assurance. State of the art equipment such as continuous motion machinery produces high and consistent speed assembly, enacting multiple processes simultaneously without interruption.
7. Quality and innovation – In today’s market there are countless options in packaging and labelling needs. Co-manufacturers guarantee meeting all food specifications and requirements. There is more value added by assisting in product development. Suggestions could be made in regards to raw materials, alternative ingredients, processes and packaging. As the product lines continue to broaden, some manufacturers will be faced with the constant need to evolve their products. By relying on contract packagers it will allow them to remain flexible and respond quicker to changes in the market.
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