So it turns out that consumers actually do have trouble removing those little seals that you find on products like tomato sauce bottles. A study has shown that many shoppers would take into account if a product’s seal has an easier-to-open option were available. Specifically, more than a third of these consumers said they would switch from their normal products to a brand that made use of Selig’s Lift n Peel range of induction seals, if they were given the choice.

There were research participants who were given four different containers, two of the containers had lift n peel liners featuring a pull-up tab, and the other two had standard liners. The participants were then asked to list their biggest packaging concerns, which were five characteristics namely: freshness, safety, convenience, leak prevention and simple opening. Majority participants preferred the lift n peel option and in each of the categories it was noted as the most important thing in packaging.

Over all, the ease of removal and convenience were the most attractive features of the lift n peel liners over traditional alternatives. 95% of the participants preferred that the products they purchase have the lift n peel liners.

The lift n peel product range features an ergonomic tab which ensures easy opening for all consumers, even those with a limited dexterity. These liners have been specifically engineered to give a strong hermetic seal for maximum package integrity and leak prevention for brand differentiation, they also require no additional equipment or processing beyond the standard induction sealing machinery to include in the packaging.

The lift n peel induction seal liners are always evolving, consistently providing a guard against moisture and oxygen for optimum freshness and a longer shelf life, while also ensuring complete producer and consumer confidence about what is inside the container and that it will not be leaking and is protected against malicious tampering.

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