The demand for shrink wrap films like Polyolefin and PVC shrink wrap film are set to increase significantly in the world marketplace according to reports.
Shrink and stretch films are mostly used for packaging purposes for a wide range of products such as cosmetics, toys, electrical goods, food and beverages just to name a few. With a steady increase of products being shipped to countries all over the world, there has been much more demand for packaging that will be able to withstand the wear and tear of transportation without it affecting the products. With the demand for products increasing so will the demand for packaging and shrink wrap films.

The food and beverage industry have also adopted this way of packaging for most of their goods as shrink wrap packaging has the ability to withstand the rigours of transportation whilst still keeping the food fresh. Not only are food and beverages driving the demand for shrink wrap film up but it is also driving up the demand of the internet. With e-commerce rising day by day, the demand for our packaging solutions will also increase which in turn affects the shrink wrap industry in a positive way. The higher efficiency of film layering and manufacturing in conjunction with the increase of retail product sales has seen the demand for pallet unitisation as a means to ship in bulk, which is also another factor for the proposed increase within shrink wrap film industry.

Another very interesting aspect to the forecast growth is people being much more aware now of their personal health. As people become more and more clued up when it comes to their health, such as exercising and dieting, there will definitely be an increase in health based packaged food, beverages and equipment which will need to be packaged and ten shipped.

Here are a few facts about the PVC shrink wrap at Peak Pak:
• Very high clarity/transparency
• Dust free protection
• Eco-friendly
• Great for tamper evident packaging
• Can be used with manual and automatic operations
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