When it comes to protecting your products or holding them together and intact for transport. This is where stretch and shrink wrapping come in. Even though these two types of wrapping have many differences, they are still confused from time to time. Below we outline some of the differences between the two products and under what application they are utilized.
What is it?
Stretch Wrapping is a stretchable film of plastic that gets wrapped around many different products allowing it to be stretched, the elasticity holds the products tightly together.
Shrink wrapping is normally covered loosely around your products or loads and will shrink lightly when heated.
What is it made from?
Stretch wrapping is commonly made from polyethylene plastics.
Shrink wrapping is commonly made from polyolefin plastics.
What is it used for?
Stretch wrapping is usually employed to hold loads and your products together an a pallet for the transportation or storage process. It can come in an array of specialty films.
Shrink wrapping is usually employed to protect a single products from weather or dust. It tightly combines smaller items together and can also wrap products together on a pallet.
What are the advantages?
Stretch wrapping is:

Protective – It is secure and it protects products from moisture and dust. It can also protect products from sunlight.
Cost effective – Additionally the equipment you will need for stretch wrapping is more affordable than other forms of wrapping.
Adaptable – Stretch wrap has many different films to suit each application, it is also appropriate for different types of surfaces.
Shrink wrapping is:
Protective– Shrink wrap is great to protect your products from moisture damage, weather, dust and dirt.
Absolutely no surface damage – when your shrink wrapping is applied properly, you shouldn’t have any issues with damage or chafing during transportation or whilst being sorted.
Breath ability – With shrink wrap you have the option of it being ventilated, therefore reducing any moisture damage.
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