Products packaging has become an art over the last few years. It is science and art of enclosing the products in the correct way. The products are to be packaged in a way that keep them safe and protected while being transported, distributed, sorted or when for sale. The advancement of technology has prepared us for various packaging machines to be developed and to make this possible.

Products packaging has mostly gained importance through the manufacturers. They are the ones who package their products in great ways because they know if it is not done then the consumers won’t be attracted to their products. When packaging, a manufacturer keeps several factors in mind and ensures that packaging is strong enough for withstanding damage when transported while remaining attractive enough to draw attention. Manufacturers are well aware of the fact that if they are unable to lure consumers by packaging products in a professional manner, they will not be able to make much of a profit from their business.

The packaging process involves many stages of design, production and evaluation. Different products need different packaging but regardless of the type of packaging, the designer needs to ensure that the design of the package is able to protect, preserve and inform the consumers of the contents inside. Many manufacturers have adopted a stylish and sleek packaging design as their way of attracting consumers to buy their products.

In order to carry out these methods of packaging and labelling, many different kinds of machines are needed, it also depends on the kinds of products that are being packed. For example a bottle of medication will be packed differently to a laptop. Packaging for a bottle may require machines that can drop the medication into the bottle, cap it and then label it, whereas the packaging of electronics will need machines that can place the item into the packaging case safely and to also place the shock absorbers around the item.

Some common machines that are used for packaging include bag leakage detectors, wrapping machines, labelling equipment, capping machines, bottling equipment and many more.

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