shrink wrap film
The demand for shrink wrap films like Polyolefin and PVC shrink wrap film are set to increase significantly in the
Manufacture food wrapping Film
1. Protection against contamination or damage by micro-organisms, toxins and moisture – Products should be safeguarded against rough transport and
Reusable bags are packaging bags that are usually made from plastic and are used typically for lunch or snack packaging.
When it comes to protecting your products or holding them together and intact for transport. This is where stretch and
Courier Bags
Economy lightweight postal mailers – The economy range is for simple yet effective protection. Coloured and plain mailers plus the
Printed POF Film
When it comes to flexographic printing, the good news is that for packaging and labels it has resisted economic downturns and
clear POF Shrink Film - packaging
So it turns out that consumers actually do have trouble removing those little seals that you find on products like
Products packaging has become an art over the last few years. It is science and art of enclosing the products