Also known as Cellophane bags


Also known as Cellophane bags

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BOPP Printed lip-and header bags

BOPP Bags – Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene / BOPP (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene) bags also known as cellophane bags is a type of flexible BOPP/CPP plastic bag that is food save and very popular in many industries. Clear Flat bags are ideal for both food items as well as non-food items such as gift cards, notepads, magazines, T-shirts powders, cards, magazines, stationery etc.

BOPP Is The New Equivalent to Cellophane Bags

BOPP is the new equivalent in the market to cellophane and is high gloss and durable.  

Manufacture To Your Specification

Apac Enterprise keeps high stock levels of several sizes but can also manufacture according to your specific specifications.

Clear BOPP Bags

We can Produce BOPP/CPP Bags according to client specification

We can produce Bopp/CPP Bags with a plain opening, lip with resealable tape or with a header and euro lot to hang and present your items.

BOPP Side Gusset Bags

Another popular item is our BOPP Side Gusset bags which are favoured in the baking, confectionery and cookery industry. These bags are ideal for packaging a wide variety of products such as nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, sweet and chips as well as non-food items.

Clear BOPP Bags

Bopp Film – Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene Film

For BOPP Two Side Heat Sealable 1 Side Corona Treated Film (rolls) there are no standard sizes and APAC will manufacture to your specifications!

Centre Folded/folded in half BOPP Film on a roll

Apac can also manufacture Centre Folded/folded in half film Bopp film on a roll. Micro BOPP Film perforation can also be done on request.

BOPP Rols are Used for:

BOPP rolls are used in Flow Wrappers for high speed production packaging – Also in the Gift wrapping and Flower Industry.

We invite you to test our PeakPak products as well as our friendly and efficient service.

We Supply to Specification

Our Flower Sleeves / Bags are made of top-quality clear BOPP material which is also 100% Food Grade Film (Similar to Cellophane). The packaging is critical to your cut flowers and will protect them in all kinds of weather and transportation.

We manufacture various sizes to suit requirements and your specifications! Printed and Non-Printed flower sleeves can be manufactured

We Manufacture to Specification

Industries BOPP film and bags can be used in: Food industry, Medical industry, Gift wrapping industry, agricultural industry, clothing industry, Automotive industry, publishing and printing industry and the flower industry.