Plastic Zipper Bags are also known as Mini-Grips or Self-sealing Zipper Bags

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Plastic Zipper Bags are also known as Mini-grip or Self-sealing Zipper Bags

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We take pride in being the leading manufacturer of high-quality Ziplock bags. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive top-notch products designed for versatility, durability, and reliability. Explore our extensive range of Ziplock bags tailored to meet various needs.

An overview of our Ziplock Bag Collection:


Versatile Ziplock Solutions:

Discover a versatile array of ziplock bags suitable for a wide range of applications. From storage to organization, our bags offer unmatched versatility.


Durable Resealable bags:

Our ziplock resealable bags feature robust and durable seals, providing secure closure to keep your contents safe and protected. Trust in the durability of our seals for all your packaging needs.


Innovative Zipper bag Technology:

Experience the latest in ziplock technology with our innovative designs. We continually strive to enhance our products, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards.


Customizable Zip seal Options:

Tailor your ziplock bags to your unique specifications with our customizable options. Choose from various sizes, materials, and closure mechanisms to create the perfect solution for your requirements.


Resealable Ziplock Bags:

Enjoy the convenience of resealable ziplock bags, ideal for keeping contents fresh and easily accessible. Whether for food storage or organization, our resealable options offer unmatched convenience.


Environmentally Friendly grip seal Ziplock Solutions:

Embrace sustainability with our environmentally friendly ziplock bags. We prioritize eco-conscious materials and manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental footprint.


Ziplock Bags for Every Industry:

From Slider zip, heave-duty ziplock bag, custom sip seal bag or  food and healthcare to retail and beyond, our ziplock bags range cater to diverse industries. Trust in the reliability and quality of our products, crafted to meet the unique demands of your business.

Peakpak Clear Ziplock Bags

Peak Pak Custom Self-sealing Zipper Bags

Peak Pak Zipper Bags / Self-sealing Zipper bags also known as mini grips or re-closable bags are all manufactured at a standard 40- 100-micron, FDA approved 100% Food Grade packing.

We Manufacture Customized Zipper Bags

We manufacture customized Zipper bags/mini grip 50mic/ 80mic/ 100mic/150mic/200mic.

Ziplock Bag with Zipper at the top

Zipper Bags With Slider Zipper

Our bags are strong and very durable holding even items like screws and nails.  We only produce plastic bags that are of the highest quality.

Used for Varies Applications

 Mini grip / Zipper bags can be used for various applications and our mini grip is watertight zip seal, once sealed and can be used in freezers.

Ziplock Bag with Zipper at the top
Printed BOPP Bags

Printed / Non-Printed Standard Zipper Bags

Printed and Non-printed standard Zipper Bags/Mini grips can be produced according to your specifications.

Medical Zipper Bags

Apac also supplies medical Zipper Bags also known as pill bags or medical minigrip bags and can be produced according to your specific needs and custom dimensions.


Biohazard Zipper Bags

Apac also supplies printed Zipper bags for Covid 19 purposes (Biohazard Specimen Zipper Bags) These Zipper Bags are re-sealable and can produced according to your specific needs/print and custom dimensions.


Zipper Bags are used in Varies Industries

+ Catering industry,
+ shipping industry,
+ Food industry,
+ Contract Packing,
+ Agriculture,
+ Mining industry,
+ Manufacturing industry,
+ Wholesale/Retail industry,
+ Medical industry,
+ households.

Zipper Bags are popular for:

+ Household use,
+ Office use,
+ Industrial use
+ Food Packaging,
+ Parts Packaging
+ Shipping Packaging
+ Storage Packaging
+ Crafts Packing,

We invite you to test our PeakPak products as well as our friendly and efficient service.